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The Issue in GAZETTE #63
Technology has always been a driving force in the history of mankind. Every new invention creates progression. But it does not necessarily have to progressive since it depends on the way technology is deployed. Our authors explore this thought in many facets und show, how our brain is controlled by our hearts and hands. Sometimes our brain reaches its limits, but it’s always capable to overcome them quickly and permanently. And when our knowledge turns into wisdom, we shall no longer worry about our future. The only question is: Do we have enough time left?

Contributions by, amongst others:

  • René Weiland – Die Mitte als Äußerstes, was wir erreichen können
  • Götz-Dietrich Opitz – Das Prinzip Verzicht
  • Albert von Schirnding – Abschied vom pädagogischen Eros
  • Daniela Otto – Das Herz
  • Artist – Marc Gumpinger